Adventure Playground

Adventure Playground

Scale new heights, test your balance skills and explore a cave

A love of adventure starts early, so drop by our adventure playground and see how daring you can be.

There is so much going on in our adventure playground. We are so excited to have slacklining, a caving experience and a climbing tower.

Slacklining is the craze that is sweeping through outdoors fanatics, why not see if your balance is up to the test? Luckily we have a nice soft landing, just in case you need to make a swift downward exit!

Inside the caving experience there are 90 feet of realistic tunnels and nooks to be explored, with fossils, stalactites and simulation water, it's just like the real thing.

Travelling vertically and horizontally along the cave, you can push it to the limits and see how good you really are when it comes to close to being stuck. Equipped with your head torch, hard hat and wits, how much can you find and how quickly can you make it through.

For the novice, the curious and the budding mountaineer, come and give climbing a go on our rock climbing tower. The tower comes with multiple sides you can brave the heights together or you can race to the top.

So get strapped into your harness, roped up and ready to go. Discover a new love and from the top you can get the best view in the show!

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